dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Mini painted pumpkins 🎃

                          ~ DIY ~ 

Say ‘See ya’ to tacky Halloween decorations with these irresistibly cute Mini Painted Pumpkins. Perfect as place settings for Thanksgiving dinner, fall desk decor or a fun spin on your typical Halloween jack-o-lantern.


– Mini pumpkins
– White acrylic paint
– Paint brush
– Paint markers


1) Protect your work surface with a piece of paper before you start painting. Holding the stem of the pumpkin, carefully brush on a thin coat of white paint. Let dry one hour. Paint on another coat of paint to make sure none of the orange comes through. Let dry completely (at least two hours).

2) It’s doodle time. Grab your paint markers and have some fun with patterns, lines and colors. Write people’s names, festive words or your favorite fall sayings.

3) Leave overnight to dry completely. Donezo! 

Pura Vida ✌️ 


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