zaterdag 30 april 2016

LA Wall Crawl ✌🏻️

If you are ever in LA, be sure to check out some of these walls! There are many more walls to visit in LA, but these are top favorites. Colorful heart wall, Polka dot wall, Collet Miller Wing Wall, and the famous PINK wall. Below you will find photos from the walls in the city, and where to find each location.

Wall #1 Heart Wall | Atwater Village
Intersection of Los Feliz Blvd & Brunswick Ave 💖

Wall # 2 Polka Dot Wall | The Springs 
608 Mateo Street

Wall #3 Pink Wall | Paul Smith
8221 Melrose Ave.

Ayo 🙋 From Aruba 🌴 

Pura Vida 💖

maandag 4 april 2016

Hair Inspiration :)

We just wanted to take a moment to talk about hair! First things first…Have you seen our Pura Vida hair ties?? They are bright, flexible, elastic lace material. Our Costa Rica artisans have worked hard to create fun vibrate hair tie styles for you guys!

A few girls were able to go to the salon and test out the “Braid Bar” that is offered as a service. Thank you @meleesathesalon and @hairdesignbytara for the best time! Hair trends in post: Hair Crochet, Mermaid Braid, Hair twists, Fishtail braid.


Ayo! 🙋 Stephanie 

dinsdag 29 maart 2016

The little gold 'P'

That little gold “P” means more than you think. 
It isn’t just a symbol of a brand that you like to wear. It is more than a trademark, a simple patent among thousands.

The little gold “P” represents hundreds of jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica, who were previously unemployed. 

Something so small spawned a market of crafting small, colorful string into beautiful, simple products.

The little gold “P” represents charity. And how giving back to an organization is the only way to truly experience success. It’s karmic prowess gives it accolades that other brands don’t have nor ever will. It built its foundation on giving back and continues to donate. In 2013, Pura Vida Bracelets donated $9,568 to The Cove/ Oceanic Preservation Society, and $6,000 to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, with hopes to double those numbers by the end of 2014.

The little gold “P” represents fashion and creating innovative trends that consistently capture consumer attention. 

Its subtle vintage feel combined with an eclectic array of colors and metals makes the Pura Vida product one to look out for. Not only are the bracelets easy to wear, but their simplistic nature and vibrant color palette makes wearing them a sort of art form.

And finally, this little gold “P” represents an extension of who you are and who you want to be. 

It is a reminder of how you want to express yourself because wearing these bracelets allows that expression to fully form. Not to mention they are fun and versatile, which can’t be said about a lot of brands.

Let that singular letter brighten your day and open you up to new experiences, because the possibilities are endless. 

Ayo from Aruba! 🌴