zaterdag 28 maart 2015

Free download our 6 favorite beach quotes!

Download some free inspiration featuring our 6 favorite quotes about the best place in the world: the beach. Simply hold down on each image and save to your camera roll or drag onto your desktop. Share the love on your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram by tagging your posts with #PuraVidaSieradenFabriek!

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By Kat Gaskin - Pura Vida 

dinsdag 24 maart 2015

How to accessorize your outfits for spring!

It's time to pack away those sweaters and boots and trade them for bright colors, pretty pastels and floral dresses. Just like your clothing, your accessories should also reflect the changing season. Here are some tips to get you and your jewelry ready for spring: 

1. Keep it bright. Take a from cue from Mother Nature and incorporate some eye-catching color into your accessories like a bright pair of sunglasses or chunky coral-colored necklace.

2. Stay golden. Bring some sunshine to your spring #ootd by incorporating some warm, gold hues to wrist. Check out all of our gold Bracelets ( 

3. Make a statement. Wear a chunky, bright necklace over your favorite collared shirt or even a crew neck sweater and some skinny jeans. Always have fun with your accessories!

4. Pretty in pastel. Spring just begs for elegant lilacs, mint greens, dusty pinks and baby blues. Mix and match or compliment with a cream-colored blouse. Either way, you'll look as fresh as a blooming garden.

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By Kat Gaskin. 

maandag 23 maart 2015

zaterdag 21 maart 2015

Festival Fashion: Colors & Patterns - How to mix, match and own it

The days are getting longer, the temps are rising and there's a sweet smell of freshness in the air. This could only mean one thing: Festival season has arrived! Mixing and matching your colors and patterns can be tough when it comes to your festival outfit, so here are our top tips for all you free-spirited boho chic desert gypsy wanderers:

1. Dare to be different. All eyes will be on you when you embrace your uniqueness. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries of mixing color, shape and pattern. Start with one main statement piece and then experiment with adding smaller items and accessories that compliment it.

2. Opposites attract. Mix bold prints with pretty florals or basic black with a neon-bright statement necklace. The beauty of dressing up for a festival is that anything goes, so have fun with it and wear it with confidence.

3. Experiment with color. Stay within the same color family (like lilac, pinks and purples) or coordinate with complimentary colours (blue/orange, red/green, purple/yellow). This is your chance to really stand out and be fearless with your hues. If all else fails, black never goes out of fashion (just be mindful if you're going to be in the sun all day).

4. Keep it simple. If layering prints and patterns isn't your thing, take the refined and classic route with a pair of distressed denim shorts, some worn-in Converse, a muscle tank and really play it up with some great accessories like Pura Vida Bracelets!

At the end of the day, it's all about expressing yourself through what you wear and being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Your outfit doesn't have to look perfectly coordinated or put together, but instead should reflect your personality. As long as you're having fun with color, prints and shape, you're doing it right!

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By Kat Gaskin

maandag 16 maart 2015

Detox fruit water recipes!

Spring cleaning shouldn't just be for your closet. Cleanse and rid your body of toxins with these healthy and delicious detox fruit water recipes. 

Portable Drinking Container (We love this leakproof Made by Fressko flask, which comes with a handy infuser, perfect for fruit or tea.)
Fruit, Cut into Small Pieces
Fresh Herbs

Drop in any of these combinations of fruits and fresh herbs into your drinking container then fill with water. Easy! Drink throughout the day to stay hydrated, increase energy levels and nourish your body.

Pineapple Mojito 

Fresh Mint

Citrus Surprise

Berry Blast

Tropical Tango

Cool as a Cucumber

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Bij Kat Gaskin - Pura Vida Bracelets

woensdag 11 maart 2015

What we can learn from music festivals.

Who doesn't love a good party? And when you throw in some of the world's best DJs, locations and thousands of amped up festival go-ers, you've got a recipe for fun. Here's what we can learn from music festivals:

Keep an open mind. You may go into a festival with the goal of seeing musicians and DJs you've loved forever, but always leave room to explore new music and genres. Just like in life, open up to the possibilities for new and different experiences. You never know what you might like and the interesting people you may meet encounter!

Dance like no one's watching. It sounds so cliche, but letting go of the fear of being judged on how you express yourself is a very liberating experience. So dance however you want to dance as much as you can!

Enjoy the music and live free. Listening to music is scientifically proven to elevate our moods and decrease stress. It reminds us to be present and really "tune in" to the moment whether we're by ourselves or with 10,000 or our closest party friends.

It's all about good vibes and great people. Sometimes music festivals get a bad reputation, but it's actually the opposite. Everyone you meet is there to have a good time, be happy and have fun. And isn't this how we should wake up feeling every day? Whether we're at Coachella or getting out of bed on a Monday morning, we should be excited to be living and look forward to every day.

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