dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Mini painted pumpkins πŸŽƒ

                          ~ DIY ~ 

Say ‘See ya’ to tacky Halloween decorations with these irresistibly cute Mini Painted Pumpkins. Perfect as place settings for Thanksgiving dinner, fall desk decor or a fun spin on your typical Halloween jack-o-lantern.


– Mini pumpkins
– White acrylic paint
– Paint brush
– Paint markers


1) Protect your work surface with a piece of paper before you start painting. Holding the stem of the pumpkin, carefully brush on a thin coat of white paint. Let dry one hour. Paint on another coat of paint to make sure none of the orange comes through. Let dry completely (at least two hours).

2) It’s doodle time. Grab your paint markers and have some fun with patterns, lines and colors. Write people’s names, festive words or your favorite fall sayings.

3) Leave overnight to dry completely. Donezo! 

Pura Vida ✌️ 


Capture Fall 🍁

                         ~ Fashion ~ 

Grey days with no sun rays are the perfect time to capture the beauty of the new season.

Pura Vida ✌️


vrijdag 9 oktober 2015

How to match jewelry to your clothes.

                         ~ Fashion ~ 

Jewelry to clothes is like icing to cake – you can have one without the other, but together they’re so much better! Here are some fall fashion ideas to get you matching perfectly with your wardrobe. Click each outfit to shop the bracelets:

Pura Vida ✌ 


All we need is sunshine and surf

                         ~ Lifestyle ~ 

Surf is always best served with a healthy dose of sunshine. Grab your bestie, your bracelets and head into the week by catching a few fun waves with us!

Pura Vida ✌️ 


zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

Golden Hour Goddess ☀️

As the sun reached down to kiss the ocean, the sky glimmered in gold. Luckily, we were there to watch it all happen and share some pics from this beautiful sunset.

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Photographer: @griffinthall
Model: @sammyybearr
Bikini: @stonefoxswim
Hoodie + T-shirt: @tentree

Pura Vida ✌️ 


zondag 27 september 2015

Cotton Candy Ombre Nails

What’s better than a fresh coat of paint on your lovely tips? A fresh coat of paint that looks like you just dipped your nails in cotton candy! So grab your pretty polishes, find a shady spot under a tree and try our delightful DIY Cotton Candy Ombre Nails. Bonus! You can also customize the colors to match your Pura Vida.

2-3 Colors of Nail Polish (We love cΓ΄tepolishes because they’re vegan, cruelty-free and don’t have a lot of the toxins other polishes usually do)
Clear Coat
Nail Polish Remover
Makeup Sponges

1) With your scissors, cut a few pieces of makeup sponge the same the width as your nail.

2) Carefully paint a straight line of each color underneath one another onto the sponge. You may need to re-dip your brush then paint over each line a few times for the polish to stay wet.

3) Lightly dab the sponge on each nail making sure you make contact with the edges of your nails also. Re-apply the polish onto the sponge as needed. *Important: You will have to apply a few light coats of polish with the sponge for the color to begin to show. Be patient! We did 4-5 coats and left enough drying time in between each coat.

4) Once your nails are completely dry, brush on a coat or two of clear top coat. This is the finishing touch to your nails as it really blends everything together! Don’t miss this step.

5) Clean up your edges with a few Q-tips dipped in nail polish remover. Let dry completely. So sweet, right? Cotton candy nails right at your fingertips.

Pura Vida ✌️ 

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